Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament Activity

Committees play a central part in the work of the Scottish Parliament – taking evidence from witnesses, scrutinising legislation and conducting inquiries.

Committees are small groups of Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) who meet on a regular basis, usually on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning. They play an important role in the Scottish Parliament because, unlike the UK Parliament at Westminster, the Scottish Parliament is a single- 2 chamber Parliament, with no upper house or second chamber. The Parliament has different kinds of committee. There are mandatory and subject committees, and it can also establish committees to consider particular issues or pieces of legislation. (More information).

Health and Sport Committee (Twitter)

The role of the Committee is to scrutinise the Scottish Government’s policies and expenditure in relation to the following matters:

Within their Strategic Plan and Vision 2016-2021, the Committee make clear that all scrutiny activity will take into consideration:

  • The impact it has on health inequality;
  • The extent to which it has a prevention focus;
  • Long term cost effectiveness and efficiency; and
  • The implications of the UK’s EU exit.

New Documents (Correspondence between Health and Sport Committee and Cabinet Secretary for Health, Ministers, etc.)


Integration Authorities Consultation with Stakeholders


The Committee agreed, as part of its budget scrutiny, to examine Integration Authorities’ (IAs) approach to engagement with stakeholders and whether or not IAs are doing enough to involve patients, carers, the third sector and other stakeholders over the design and future of health and social care in their local area.

The Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 places a duty on integration authorities to ensure that stakeholders are fully engaged in the preparation, publication and review of strategic commissioning plans.


A general call for written evidence was issued on Monday 13 February seeking views from patient and carers representatives, NHS and social care staff, third sector organisations asking:

  • Do you know how and when you can get involved with the Integration Authorities to influence decision making?
  • Were you consulted in the preparation of the strategic plans or involved with the work of the Strategic Planning Group?
  • Have you been involved with the work of the Integration Authority following the publication of the strategic plan?
  • Have you been involved with the work of the localities/ what involvement would you like to have?
  • Do you think that your involvement with the IAs has had an impact on decision making?
  • What could be done to improve the communication from the IAs?
  • What could be done to ensure greater collaboration and engagement in the decision making process of Integration Authorities?


Health and Sport Committee Report on Health and Social Care Integration Budgets 

The Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee released its report on Health and Social Care Partnerships’ budgets on 30 November, which has been submitted to the Scottish Government. The report will be forwarded to Finance and Constitution Committee to inform its consideration of the Scottish budget.

We have produced a briefing (download) outlining the main content.

Committee Inquiries (2016):


  • An independent national review of health and social care targets and indicators is being chaired by former Chief Medical Officer, Sir Harry Burns, with initial recommendations expected April 2017.
  • View the scope of the review, as outlined by the Chair at the NHS NSS Conference on 13th September 2016 (original slides – download).
  • The Committee will invite the Expert Group on review of targets to give oral evidence.
  • Papers for meeting (15 November)

Recruitment and retention

Health and Social Care Integration Budgets

Social and Community Care Workforce

Delayed discharges

GPs and GP hubs

Audit Scotland NHS report 2016

Public Audit Committee (Twitter)

The Committee’s main area of work is consideration of reports from the Auditor General for Scotland (AGS). The AGS is responsible for scrutinising the expenditure and performance of directorates of the Scottish Government and public spending bodies such as NHS boards, Further Education colleges, police and fire services (the scrutiny of local councils falls within the responsibility of the Accounts Commission which reports to Scottish Ministers). Audit Scotland is the agency which carries out auditing work on behalf of the AGS.

Changing Models of Health and Social Care

The Committee took evidence – from the Auditor General for Scotland and Audit Scotland on 30 June 2016 and from Paul Gray, Jason Leitch and Geoff Huggins of the Scottish Government on 15 September 2016 – on the Changing Models of Health and Social Care report. The Committee agreed to seek oral evidence from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and NHS Highland.

Find Out More About 

Understanding Integration

The Legislation

A Framework for Integration

Key documents produced by Integration Authorities

Key decisions that underpin how Integration Authorities operate

Integration Governance Structures

Other Considerations for Integration Authorities

The National Picture


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