Data is gathered by a multitude of organisations for a multitude of reasons.  Whether it be an individuals’s health journey, statistics relating to the incidence of a particular condition across the country or the supply and demand conflicts of social care services.  It provides the evidence base for the commissioning of services and the needs of the population that those services are designed for.  For the third sector, effective data can mean the evidence for a valued service being recommissioned or a pilot of a new approach.

Sources of data can vary from internal monitoring and evaluation, through to national collection and analysis agencies.

NHS National Services Scotland Resources

Third Sector Resources


Scottish Third Sector Research Forum:

The Scottish Third Sector Research Forum (TSRF), supported by the Scottish Government, has existed in its current form since 2009 and brings together strategic partners: Scottish Government and other public sector agencies, third sector and academics to:

  • Obtain holistic oversight of third sector evidence and data needs;
  • Work collaboratively to identify research questions and meet evidence gaps;
  • Share and critique data, evidence and knowledge, and
  • Maximise the impact of evidence through knowledge exchange and dissemination.

Knowledge Translation Network:

The Knowledge Translation Network is facilitated by Evaluation Support Scotland, to support the third sector to get the most from generating and using evidence. Its members are viewable here.

Evidence for Success Series (Knowledge Translation Network)

Complementary Resources

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Strategic Commissioning



Human Rights

Self Management




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