CO-PRODUCTION is about organisations, groups and individuals sharing their skills, lived and professional experience and resources. In a group that uses co-production, people from a variety of backgrounds aim to work together in an equal partnership to achieve positive change. Co-production aims to shift the balance of power, enabling all people involved to have a voice.

“Co-production is about combining our mutual strengths and capacities so that we can work with one another on an equal basis to achieve positive change”

– Fiona Garvie (Director, Scottish Community Development Centre)

What is Co-Production?:

People Powered Health and Wellbeing

The People Powered Health and Wellbeing Programme at the ALLIANCE produced a range of resources prior to entering into its transitional phase. ‘Let’s Repower Scotland’s Health and Wellbeing’ is a set of four sources of inspiration. They share the learning that has come out through the evaluation of the programme, and demonstrate different ways of working that capitalise on the strengths and assets of individuals and communities.  The four themes that came out strongly throughout the programme are:

The PPHW team felt that prioritising working in the ways illustrated within the resources would be to the benefit of individuals and professionals, help ensure the sustainability of health and social care services now and into the future, and create the conditions necessary for communities to have a stronger voice and empower themselves.

The programme is now in a transitional phase, and is currently putting together a proposal for Scottish Government which will focus on helping Health and Social Care Partnerships to embed co-production approaches in their work, at both a strategic and frontline level.

The Scottish Co-Production Network

The Scottish Co-Production Network (open to all and facilitated by SCDC) are involved in co-production at a national level, and put on a range of Co-Production learning events throughout the year.


Co-Production of Health and Wellbeing in Scotland – This piece articulates the vision for co-production. It features pieces by the ALLIANCE’s Christine Hoy and Shelley Gray and a number of case studies showcasing transformative action. (February 2013)

Scotland’s Healthcare Quality Strategy – The Engagement Matrix – The Engagement Matrix, launched in February 2013, is a function of Scotland’s Healthcare Quality Strategy. It is a template and guidance for health boards and third sector organisations to complete together to map where and how existing strategic and operational arrangements are enhancing people’s health and care experience and outcomes.

Learning from our communities: Public involvement in adult health and social care in Scotland (Scottish Health Council) – This report summarises key themes from four public events, in which participants were encouraged to consider whether it was possible to create a single standard for public involvement in health and social care and the extent to which there should be national consistency in permanent, formal structures for public involvement located in each partnership area.

Future Requirements and Possibilities for Public Involvement in Health and Social Care – This report details research commissioned by the Scottish Health Council and undertaken by ODS consulting regarding future requirements and possibilities for Public Involvement in Health and Social Care. It does so by examining existing experiences of public involvement and lessons learned from four case studies compiled from across Scotland (in East Renfrewshire, Dundee, Highland and West Lothian). (June 2013)

Scottish Co-Production Network – Co-Production: How We Can Make a Difference Together (May 2015)  – This suite of resources, developed by the Scottish Co-Production Network alongside the Joint Improvement Team, the ALLIANCE and Governance International, offers a range of information in the form of videos, case studies and other tools to spread understanding of co-production and highlight experiences of working in this way.

Capacity Building (July 2016): This presentation reports on the
major lessons learned about planning, delivering and evaluating capacity building initiatives in the third sector (Evaluation Support Scotland, the ALLIANCE, Scottish Co-Production Network, SCVO).

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